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Dialogue Wheel is a place to celebrate the magicians that make video games and the worlds we get to explore. Radio journalist Andy Borkowsk talks very loudly about the need for reforms in the industry and why Disco Elysium is written by god kings that should be revered. Available every Sunday, until the end of time.

My radio show is back! I decided to jump back into the world of video game radio for 2020 - enjoy some shows before I start up in earnest. I spoke with lead writer for Dragon Age Patrick Weekes years ago about how the enigmatic character Solas was created, here is what that magic elf could have up his sleeve for us in Dragon Age 4.

The Story Behind Solas with Patrick Weekes | Dialogue Wheel

The conceit of “Ethics in Video Game Journalism,” was used by bad faith actors to malign progressive video game journalists under the guise of intellectual freedom. This same practice has been writ large and encompasses most of the current North American political spectrum.

I’m joined this week by Waypoint Senor Reporter, Patrick Klepek who found himself involved in the Gamer Gate saga so many years ago.

What is the current state of video game journalism? What part does Youtube play in adjusting the narrative into 2019?

No. Unless it was part of a collective bargaining agreement with your union……Surprisingly, I found some other people that disagree with this praxis. Andy, Matt and Anton talk Rockstar Games and their kerfuffle with labour laws and the making of Red Dead Redemption 2.  

If something is your passion should you sacrifice your health?

Are Video Games becoming frankly, too big to NOT have human suffering?

Does anyone really care about horse ball physics?  



Game Workers Unite:


God of War has taken over VGS. Andy Borkowski and Zac Fanni take a moment to actually find out how the depiction of Norse Mythology compares to the real thing.  In classic Dialogue Wheel moment, Zac and Andy debate the merits of God of War’s storytelling. Is Kratos really a “GOOD” Father? Did this game fail at its central conceit?

Which Franchise is the Perfect Embodiment of Bioware’s Design Strategy? We begin with an extensive debate on Mass Effect 1 vs Dragon Age Origins - NOT to determine which game is BETTER or the BEST but which franchise from the beginning the better embodiment of Bioware's design strategy - join us. 

Have Video Games ever taught you anything?

Something real, something that was more than a life lesson. This week on Dialogue Wheel Andy Borkowski speaks with Professor Fanni all about how Video Games can be implemented in a classroom setting and what are the pitfalls of the current media structure in Education

Be it Resolved: Video Games Don’t Need “Grind”

For the Resolution: Zac Fanni
Against the Resolution: Andy Borkowski, Kalli Lang

We all know what it feels like. Being stuck in the monotony of life, one task slowly dripping into the next. The “Grind” of life can be too much, thankfully video games can provide a much-needed reprieve. HOLD ON A TICK……WHO PUT THAT SAME SOUL CRUSHING GRIND IN MY GAMES! Is this fun?

Be it Resolved: Stop the Microsoft Monopoly 

For the Resolution: Zac Fanni
Against the Resolution: Andy Borkowski, Kalli Lang

Microsoft is liquidating capital at record rates and plan to use over 100 billion dollars for some high profile acquisitions. It’s being reported that the major video game publisher is looking to purchase companies EA, Valve and other independent game studios like the creators behind PUBG.

Be it Resolved: Bioware’s Anthem Will Fall

For the Resolution: Andy Borkowski

Against the Resolution: Zac Fanni + Kalli Lang

From 4 studios to 2, Bioware is downsizing thanks to consolidation and efforts from EA. A new report from unnamed sources indicates that this could be a make or break time for the studio. Anthem is, in the company’s words a “Shared World Action RPG” like Destiny before it. 

Be it Resolved: Video Games Should Not Be Made Into Movies

Speakers: Andy, Kalli + Corky

Far have we come from the days of Pong + Tetris, this maturing medium of video games is in many ways, the most effective method for interactive story telling. Year after year major studios decide they need to cash in on this billion dollar business buy bringing it to the silver screen.